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The Team 

       We here at W3llness Jess have a humble team of two members consisting of myself, Jessica (or Jess) and David, my husband to-be.

❤ Background 

       David and I are different yet complement each other very well. I am artistic, emotional, witty and (at times) quite sassy! David, on the other hand, is an lovable dork. His keen reasoning skills is what helps keep me grounded!

       We both graduated in the Spring of 2020 from UNT (pandemic grads!). I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology and David graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. 

       Through the highs and lows (and even the lowest lows) we were there for each other. We truly bring out the best in one another!

❤ Blogging Duties

       I do the writing, designing, social media, and general maintenance for this blog. As for David, he is my emotional support and editor (I attribute him on the blog post he helps out with).

❤ The Wedding!

       After six long years of waiting to finish school and then waiting a while after the start of the pandemic, David proposed Thanksgiving of 2020. Our wedding is September 17th of this year. Keep an eye out for updates on our YouTube channel, CovenantVlog!

 My Testimony 

      My testimony is going to sound the most "millennial" thing you'll read today. I literally started my Christian walk because of YouTube. No joke, a video about how God wants a relationship with us. The video brought me to tears and repentance.

      Now, I always believed in a god. To me, it made sense that creation had a creator. I also knew intrinsically that human life was valuable and sensed that I had a purpose-I just did not know yet at the time.

      I believe that God was orchestrating my walk before I took my first step towards Him. Even when I was a non-believer, God was with me during my darkest hours as I was struggling mentally and felt alone. 

       My testimony doesn't stop there. In fact, it never ended. Daily, God's steadfast love is poured out to me.

       I am forever thankful for God's love that I can't help but to proclaim His goodness to others!


Proclamation of Faith

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       Although I proclaim I am a Christian, that can mean a lot of different things to different people. Here are some faith statements of what I believe in no particular order.

  • I believe in the Bible. It is God inspired, true, helpful for teaching, gaining knowledge about God and for overall maturity. I do believe, however that context is important too as the Bible uses different literary devices. This is why research and guidance from the Holy Spirit is helpful to understand the text. 

  • I believe that the gospel is for everyone. People of any race, male or female, young or old, rich or poor-the gospel is applicable to all!

  • I believe that once saved always saved. That we are NOT saved by works. Good works that are done out of love for God are indicators of one's salvation, not the cause. 

  • I believe that a Christian should be baptized but it is not required of them to enter Heaven (see the thief on the cross). 

  • I believe that there is only One God, being three persons made of the same essence; Jesus, Yahweh and the Holy Spirit. I also believe that there is only one way to salvation and that is through the belief that Jesus Christ once and for all paid the price for sin. 

  • I believe in a Heaven and a Hell. When people reach a certain age (after toddler but before becoming a kid) that they understand right from wrong, than they are held accountable for their sins. People who do not repent do not enter Heaven because their sin separates them from a Holy God. 

  • I believe that prayer is direct communication with God, needing no intercessor. When we pray we must not treat Him as a genie or a servant to us. He will respond according to His perfect Will (1 John 5:14-15).

  • I believe it is the duty of the believer to share the gospel in it's entirety to help bring others to Christ. From there the nonbeliever can choose to follow Christ or not. 

I am the Way, the Truth and the Light!

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