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As a Christ follower, each day I am called to renew my mind which then affects my body and soul. My goal is to a.) be more like Christ, b.) share my journey/wisdom and c.) pet cats!



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Romans 12:2

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

25 Things I've Learned At 25

25 years ago, I was born!

In that time I had many moments of heartache and moments of hope. In today's blog post, I wanted to post something ✨special am going to share the things I’ve learned that have been SO valuable in my life that I want to make sure YOU have them too!

So pop a champagne bottle and stick around for a while! Here are my 25 practical words of wisdom-

1.) Clean along the way 🧹

For example, if you’re going to another room then you should pick up something to take with you. This could be dirty dishes, trash, or that one thing you borrowed from another room that you need to put back. This way we spread the workload out preventing feelings of overwhelm (which may prevent you from cleaning, creating a sticky loop of guilt and clutter). By creating a clean space you not only decluttered the space around you but your heart and your mind as well.

2.) The importance of being organized 🗄️

By having everything organized spatially, it's easier to distinguish items that stick out. You know where something is and how to get to it. Although related, being clean is NOT the same as being organized. Being organized is being efficient and purposeful in your space.

3.) The importance of a planner 📔

When I don’t make plans, then anything and everything can interrupt my workflow. If I don’t schedule in a time, then we will never "find" the time! You want to make sure you get you what you need to do. When I focus on a plan, I know not only what the goal is but how to achieve it in a timely manner. I (try to) work smarter, not harder!

4.) When juggling life, know which balls are plastic & which are glass 🤹

We simply cannot give a 100% to every task we undertake! This is because we have finite amounts of energy, focus, and time. Life gets in the way sometimes! Therefore, in this juggling act of ours, we need to drop the ball on a few tasks to keep going. Sometimes we have to call in sick for work to heal our body and hopefully pick up the ball (work) tomorrow. Knowing which thing to let go helps tremendously with your sanity and stress level.

5.) Trust God ✝️

I’ve learned is to trust God even when I don’t see where my life was going. For instance, I didn’t know how I could go to college because I did not have the finances. I went to college with no money and in the middle of my college semester I was given grants and scholarships! Even when I did not see a way, God knew. When life is uncertain, I can be certain of God's promise that He will NEVER leave me because He never has!

6.) Love is a commitment, NOT a feeling 👰‍🤵

In relationships, you’re not going to always feel lovey-dovey with your significant other. Unlike how the world thinks, we should not base a relationship solely on feelings, but a conscious choice (or commitment). This is a healthier perspective because now this relationship can have both give and take than just a take or "What is in this relationship for me?" This sacrificial love is a love God wants us to emulate in our romantic relationships and with Him.

7.) Renew your mind DAILY 🧠

Without daily reminders, we easily forget about God, His love, and truth. It is far easier to walk in the Holy Spirit at Church than it is when someone cuts us off on the road. This life is going to pull us in all different directions. That is why we need a deep inner cleansing to face another day of this messy life!

8.) Sometimes a good deal ISN'T a good thing! 💸

Like many people, I've often been bit by the "buy bug". This materialistic tendency leads often just leads to clutter and an empty wallet. When I go out shopping, it's important to evaluate why. Most of the time, we don't really need what we think we need. Sometimes the best deal is not taking the deal! (Number 19 will help with this!)

9.) Lean on simple wisdom 🤔

Although life is complex, there is a common thread that holds it all together. Godly wisdom is exceedingly better than your knee jerk reaction's which is often misguided. This is especially helpful in an emergency/serious situation where your quick thinking is going to rely on previous wisdom/experience that you have stored up (if any).

10.) The importance of prayer 🙏

I have not always recognized the importance of prayer. I used to think, "If God knows what I want, why ask for it?" Not only does Jesus instruct us to talk to the Father, He has good reason to. What we ask for and tell God reveals where our heart is at. This is also an opportunity to draw near to God. Like any loving parent, He enjoys when we call Him.

11.) You won't know if you don't try 💃

In my senior year of highschool, I tried out for a dancing company for the first time in my life (I don't know what came over me either!). To my surprise, I made the highest level of dance, a position my friend, who was an experienced dancer, would have killed for! The gravity of the situation did not hit me until years later-I was THAT surprised! This goes to show you, you don't know will work if you don't try.

12.) God refines, NOT condemns 💗

Once saved (justified) then we are constantly being refined (sanctified). This process is painful since it dissects the darkest parts of ourselves we want to remain hidden. We can feel guilt for the things we have done or ashamed of what happened to us. God wants to work these things out not to bring us down, but to help lift us up. Having all of our imperfections held up to a godly mirror is uncomfortable, but is necessary to help us conform to the image of God, which is His (and hopefully our) ultimate goal.

13.) Growth Mindset 📈

My biggest hindrance in life has been my limiting beliefs. I used to believe that I would NEVER achieve more or be more than what I already was. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, it came true. I realized the only true obstacle in my path to self-fulfillment was me! Growth and learning is a lifelong commitment which is NOT always linear. I saw that if I don’t actively seek to progress, then I'd regress. I need to search out my inner self for things that I can improve on, therefore introspection and prayer is key in order to reveal some things that you may not know about!

So I know what you're thinking. Jessica! Why did you stop at 13? You're not 13 years old! 😂Well, to be honest, this was a bigger undertaking than I originally thought! I truly thought this over. To rush this would hurt the quality of my blog! Plus, this way you'll have more time to soak up all this wonderful knowledge! It's really a win-win situation.

Next week I promise to post the rest of it WITH a bonus sprinkle of wisdom so stayed tune!

Do you have any other words of wisdom? Was there anything I should've expanded on? Leave a comment below or email me at w3llnesswithjessjess@gmail.com

Stay vivacious ya'll!


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