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As a Christ follower, each day I am called to renew my mind which then affects my body and soul. My goal is to a.) be more like Christ, b.) share my journey/wisdom and c.) pet cats!



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Mental Health Monday

The Word  


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Romans 12:2

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

Connection With Jesus

Let's get personal for today's "The Word" Wednesday post. Lately I have not been devoted to the Lord as I could have been. Sure, I watched theology videos, attending service/bible study, and read some devotionals but I was missing the key component to any christian's walk-a connection with Jesus.

Imagine if a wife went to counseling for her marriage. She goes in herself and during the session she learns of what marriage should be like. She knows her husband a bit more from the session too. However, when she gets home, she doesn't acknowledge her husband. Instead she locks herself in her room and do the worksheets and read the recommended books from the session.

Would you think this is a healthy relationship? Of course not! It is not enough to have knowledge, a relationship involves a connection! Devotion for a Christian is not just knowing, but knowing personally.

What I was doing was not bad in itself. They are helpful tools. Simply put, they shouldn't replace prayer and personal bible study. No wonder I wasn't experiencing peace and joy in the Lord! I was starving for connection, not knowledge!

If we never come close to Christ, doesn't that make us just a fan? Anyone can read the bible, remember all the verses, and study the in and outs of theology, but that doesn't make someone a follower. Just like how a fan who is obsessed with a pop star won't mean that they will be invited to their exclusive party. Undoubtedly the fan would be stopped by the bouncer and not allowed in no mattered how much they cried. Even if the pop star happened to walk-by and the fan pleaded with them to be let in, the pop star would exclaim, "Go away, I don't even know you!"

Now, I know I'm really hammering this point home but I have a good reason to. It just as easy to get into the habit of doing the "right thing" as it is to "turn away." Both have missed the mark. As Christians, we need to be actively walking in faith and trust of which I believe only comes from having a relationship with Jesus. If we don't, we miss out in the fullness of life in Christ.

I was concerned that I wasn't saved since I was straying from God. I felt guilty. But when I turned around I realized that Jesus was waiting for me to come back with open arms. I was convicted, not condemned. The moment a Christian should stop feeling guilty is the moment they've repented.

I pray that my struggle can help a fellow brother and/or sister who was in the same boat that I was be encouraged to make this change.

If you would like to read more about having a relationship with God, here is an helpful article by GotQuestions.org. And if you need an listening ear, feel free to email me at w3llnesswithjessjess@gmail.com and I would love to help!

Take care and God bless!


P.S. Today’s blog post was originally going to be about the tactics Satan uses against us. My thesis centered around John 10:10 which states, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." However, during my research I realized that it’s reference to the thief is not Satan but actually false teachers. (Here is the article that goes in-depth.) Because I would need to do more research (and therefore, take more time to make the blog post) I will come back to this topic when I am properly versed. If you have any input, leave a comment below or email me at w3llnesswithjessjess@gmail.com and I would love to discuss it!☺


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