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Recommended YouTube  Channels

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"Royal Haven Baptist Church" Channel

This is the channel for my home church. We live stream our Sunday Sermons every Sunday at 10:45am! We also have an active FaceBook page-check it out!


This is a church dear to me. I love listening to Pastor Craig. This church also created the YouVersion bible app! Check them out!

Life Church Logo.jpeg

"Bible Project"

This channel is informative and very artistic. I love their teachings as it gives me clarity and context to what I am reading.

Bible Study Sites

II use this website to help deepen my bible study. They break down sections of verses and also include commentary from common Christian theologians. It has helped me bring clarity to the passages I read. 


Spotify Podcast: Bible Recap

Disclaimer: I do NOT get commissions for recommending these links/companies. I simply enjoy their content and believe others can benefit from using them too.

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